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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The USP of an ePortfolio

Picture:  Chessmen on a board, but one standing out as distinctiveI was recently asked what I found, within my experience, to be the USP (unique selling point) of an ePortfolio. The next day I was asked if I could crystalise my paper on 'Attraction and Retention' (see previous post) into some 6 bullet points. Well, below I attempt to do just that. The above illustration clarifies my message: there are many players in the field, most, in my mind are relatively boring and unattractive. To me, only one stands out as being unique. But perhaps you would be kind enough to comment on my selection of 'six of the best' criteria:

  1. The learner should be able to make their ePortfolio stand out as different, a 'must read'.

  2. The ePortfolio must be learner-owned and therefore laid-out as the learner chooses.

  3. It must be completely and repeatedly portable from one institution to another.

  4. It cannot be laden with inbuilt assessment tools if it is to be accessed by mobile devices.

  5. It is not static - but must be capable of continuous upgrade as the learner matures.

  6. It should be capable of displaying multiple concurrent 'personas' to different audiences.

My original list of 'Ten Prime Directives' can be seen here.

Comments, please?

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