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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Not on Paper, surely?

I find it inconceivable that in this day and age anyone should be expected to produce paper-based Portfolios.  However, I have attached this YouTube video hoping that readers will play the game of attempting to work out how many problems can be overcome by producing an electronic version, ie an ePortfolio.

For instance, can two or more people see this at the same time?  Can different aspects of the Portfolio be hidden/removed so as to make it more readable for different audiences?  What about costs?  or updating?  etc...  etc..

Above all, can a paper-based system really present the whole life-story of the owner?  His/her multiple personas?  Is there any possibility of providing feedback from peers or respected adults?

Yet Another Showcase


Yet another well-intentioned YouTube video describing a limited application of an ePortfolio.  When will people discover that the ePortfolio tool is for much more than a single purpose Showcase.  Where is the feedback or Likert Scales?  Where is the sharing or collaboration between a restricted audience?  Where is the facility to present different personas to different audiences? Can the novice html builder create a site which gives various levels of 'rights' to internal- or external verifiers?

I'm all for quality presentations BUT... we also need to recognise the full lifelong and lifewide aspects of an ePortfolio such as eFolio can provide.

As a teacher, perhaps my biggest concern is that Teacher Training Colleges are encouraging a level of technical expertise (or lack of it) that young or newly qualified teachers will assume is normative in Secondary or even Primary schools.