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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Learning Analytics

Front Cover of 'Horizon Report 2011The latest Horizon Report 2011 makes interesting reading. In some 33 pages the document attempts to predict techno-logicial outcomes within the next year, and in 1-2 or 3-4 years time. However, what caught my eye was the very last chapter on Learning Analytics (LA). For those not familiar with LA, Wikipedia defines it thus:

Learning analytics is the use of intelligent data, learner-produced data, and analysis models to discover information and social connections for predicting and advising people's learning.

Good as the article is, there are far too many questions which remain unanswered:

In schools we have a far wider range of problems concerning interoperability. Until all data can be made interoperable LA will not happen.

Secondly, there is little or no imagination as to how LA will really contribute to Teaching & Learning. As I am presently writing on this subject I suggest that we should be looking at ‘Third Generation Assessment and Feedback’ or what I expect will be ‘Semantic Assessment’.

Thirdly, the document does not appear to recognise the vast number of leading organisations around the world (something like 500) who are currently using LA in their day-to-day staff training programmes. - It is time education got its head out of the sand and looked at what the big wide world *IS* doing.

So my question here is what do you think of the concept of Learning Analytics? What would you like to see intelligent data doing for your learners? How might ePortfolios benefit from LA?


My Mind Bursts said...

At Learning Technologoies 2011 a tow day exhibition/seminars at London's Olympia 'Analytics' was by far the biggest event for learning and development. Clients here are government and international corporates, so budget make it possible. My focus over two days was on the stands and seminars on 'analytics,' in some cases drilling through the detail to give Learning & Development managers key indicators of where their efforts were being successful, and where they were not. If only education (primary, secondary and tertiary) could emply such tools to rethink or simply adjust what they do.

Ray Tolley said...


If you have any links that you think I should follow up on please let me know. The company that I have found most informative is 'Knowledge Advisors' at