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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Reasons why our graduates need an e-Portfolio

Photo: Graduate celebrating with her Diploma (from Karen's Blog)I always enjoy reading Karen Barnstable's blog. She lists three very clear reasons for graduates taking their e-Portfolio with them once they have left uni and found employment, moved on to further study, or still job-hunting.

However, I would add a fourth point, assuming that you have a good e-Portfolio system. When introducing an e-Portfolio to novices in your new-found place of work it could be a bit overwhelming if the essential tools for collaboration, peer review, mentoring etc are not in place within the e-Portfolio system and need to be found elsewhere. And what of on-line help? Does the system provide support for the new user?

If the adult novice can be introduced to an e-Portfolio system such as eFolio all the feedback tools, templates and formatting menus are together in an integrated system designed for both Lifelong and Lifewide Learning and Leisure. What's more, because eFolio is designed by educationists to provide the support for learners of all ages, from 5-95, (and even younger) support is always at hand.

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