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Friday, 23 April 2010

ePortfolio CDL Conference April 24 2010

Screenshot from the presentationThe presentation by Mara Kaufman and Nazik Roufaiel at the ePortfolio CDL Conference April 24 2010 is attractive to look at and appears to be generally well researched. I was particularly impressed with several of the graphics including the one above.

However, as usual, it would have been helpful to see real examples of e-Portfolios produced by their students. I would have loved to be a 'fly on the wall' at their conference just to see audience reaction and to hear some of the comments related to the slides. I do hope that there will be an audio recording or a transcription of proceedings!
Perhaps my chief observation is that this presentation again reflect the efforts of an individual institution to reinvent the e-Portfolio. Is it not time that instead of talking about e-Portfolios we actually got down to using them in ALL of our institutions. Is it not time that we accepted that the e-Portfolio should be learner owned and completely portable from one institution to another and truly Lifelong?

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