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Monday, 1 February 2010

e-Safety and eFolio

e-Safety logo: thanks to the Ann Edwards School for permission to use.Mainstream schools in particular have a duty of care towards minors. To this end, advice, clear teaching and Acceptable Use Contracts are not always sufficient. In a previous life-form it was my responsibility to ensure an e-safe working environment which included all of the above. However, it was, for the children, the fear of being found out, with date-stamped hard-copy, that really won through.

This is now a feature of our eFolio system that any suspect child or reported incident can easily be checked out. Again, regular alphabetic or random trawls can also ensure that reasonable on-line behaviour is occurring.

I do not think that where an e-safe system with published rules and sanctions is in place there should be any problem. After all, the institution's system is there for work and, like any exercise book, the ePortfolio, although deemed to be owned by the student, is still open to view by any teacher, parents and mentors or even the Headteacher or a Schools' Inspector!

Increasingly, students of any age can use their own systems for collaboration or investigation and can reserve any 'non-school' activities for systems external to the institution. So much so that some children have objected to their school's use of FaceBook as an intrusion upon their private lives.


Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern is it possible that i may use your esafety logo for my ict gcse project. If possable please email me at

kindest regards

Ray Tolley said...

Dear Jac (?)

Good to hear from you! You are right to check out permissions – you have a good teacher!

I originally found this logo through a Google search and asked the same question from the school – and they gave me permission.

You will note that at the foot of my blog you will see the Creative Commons logo. This states that anything on my blog can be used as long as you recognise its source etc, ie my blog.

BTW, how did you find my blog? Are you interested in e-Portfolios?