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Friday, 26 February 2010

e-Portfolios under the microscope

Picture of a scientist looking down a microscopeJamin Lietze has produced an excellent and concise summary of his recent presentation. Well worth checking out, once one gets used to the Prezi format - best seen in Full-Screen mode.

I have know of Jamin's work in New Zealand for almost two years now. A credit to his school and nation!

The details of his document on 'Set your criteria...' must be taken seriously. I hope that we can soon have an audio transcription of the presentation or perhaps an extended article as a backup to this work.
Jamin, Congratulations on an excellent show!

1 comment:

Jamin Lietze said...

Hi Ray

Firstly thanks for sharing my presentation with your readers :+)

The presentation was not recorded and I am sorry but there will not be a followup transcript however I certainly plan on sharing more of my classroom journey in the near future.

This presentation was targeted at Teachers/Principal's in NZ who are interested at the ePortfolio journey. Therefore the presentation was focused on the main points and responded openly to the workshop participant's questions.