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Monday, 10 August 2009

Social Sites & e-Portfolios

Most schools now have a good 'Acceptable Use Policy' (or AUP)concerning the use of VLEs and e-mail etiquette etc. Many of us have had these policies in place for years!

But for many, the thought of laying down guidance concerning social networking appears to have come a bit late - most kids are already doing it!

It therefore came as a pleasant discovery to me, to see someone actually taking the trouble to think things through and to share her thoughts, in true collaborative spirit, requesting responses from her readers. Jen Hegna's article can be seen in full in Doug Johnson's blog.

My only concern, as I commented, is that I would like to see some more positive suggestions and less of the negativity if young people are to accept these guidelines in schools.

As far as eFolio is concerned we have a strong view of e-safety (we call it 'the sanctity of eFolio security') and thus an internal mailing system, feedback, polls etc can all be safely managed within the privacy that eFolio affords.

So, let's see more suggestions about the positive outcomes of social connections within any e-Portfolio, including eFolio!

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