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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Getting started with eFolio

I was recently going through the eFolio on-line support materials and the thought suddenly came to me, "Wow! isn't this easy!"

What I was thinking, of course, is how the new beginner in e-Portfolio thinking comes to terms with this possibly strange environment. But then, I thought to myself, "Why is it that other systems have to be so darn difficult?"

Take, for instance the whole issue of interoperability. This can be an absolute minefield for anyone - the top brains in this subject are still only getting part-way there, so what chance us mere mortals? The 'brains' at eFolioWorld and Avenet have put together the best set of templates for exporting data in IMS format - and as a user one wouldn't know that anything special was happening.

Where data needs to be exported in the IMS format everything that the learner has placed in the pre-formed templates is there in place and ready to process without any effort to collate or reorganise data sets at all!

But more generally, as one browses over the various help-sheets the reader soon discovers that the icons and layout are logical and with intuitively interactive help always available.

So, the question that I ask myself is, 'Why, if this is so easy in eFolio, do people want to go into the complexities of managing less-secure and cloud-based systems where artefacts cannot always be safely managed or withdrawn?

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