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Friday, 13 February 2009

What can we learn from others?

For quite some time I have been following Sarah Stewart's blog see:

She is a highly competent and adventurous New Zealander working in midwifery and has recently taken up a post in Australia where she is developing some astounding work in Second Life. However, I was very impressed by a recent SlideShare presentation:

Apart from being a very useful presentation in its own right, I wonder how many other professionals in other fields are using some sort of e-Portfolio - and if they have presentations which might extend our thinking even further?

Coincidentally, I also read Kevin Brace's Midlands Eportfolio Group blog which adverted to a most interesting list of the perceptions of those involved in Work-Based Assessments:
The document was produced by Carolyn Lewis (RSC National Work Based Learning Co-ordinator) with information sourced from feedback to RSCs, The Excellence Gateway, ALP and City and Guilds.

I am conscious of, nay humbled by, the fact that there are so many of you readers out there, over 1400, from 61 countries, and counting. It therefore strikes me that there could well be good examples of e-Portfolio practice that might help our understanding and application e-Portfolios in schools.

Please be so kind as to add any suggestions either as comments to this blog or directly to me at:


Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you for your kind words, Ray.

Thanks for the links to the jisc work - must have a close look because I am thinking about writing some sort of proposal for ePortfolio in the aged care sector.

Ray Tolley said...

Hi, Sarah,

Yes, I like your combination of an adventurous spirit but with your feet formly on the ground!

However, a question for you on my perception of an e-safe and simple to use e-Portfolio system such as eFolio:

I understand the situation of carers in the Health Sector - my elderly mother is in a care home. Not all, in fact very few carers are ICT literate but at the same time they need CPD, monitoring, formative assessments etc.

How about looking at my system as a model to evaluate or pilot study etc?

Best Wishes
Ray T