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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Well, what do you want for an e-Portfolio?

I am aware that people from all over the world (54 countries at the last count) are watching this blog and my demo eFolio site. However, I would like to hear more from you all.

Jamin Lietze has produced an excellent 'wish-list' of what he would like to see in his perfect e-Portfolio system for his school. His list raises some interesting but conflicting challenges:
  • Can a 'free' system provide user-support, upgrades and maintenance?
  • Can one system meet the needs of the pupils in an 'all-age' school, and the needs of staff PDP etc?
  • What about parental access?
  • What issues need to be addressed concerning an externally hosted system?

Please respond - what issues do you see as needing to be resolved?

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