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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Who's Hijacking our e-Portfolios?

One of my earliest discoveries researching the e-Portfolio scene in UK education was quite simply everyone I spoke to had a different opinion obout what an e-Portfolios was and how it might suppport Teaching & Learning - if at all!

Rather than seeing the e-Portfolio as a tool for Lifelong, Lifewide Learning and Leisure, each sector of education seemed to think that they were the only ones for whom the e-Portfolio had any value. Thus the e-Portfolio has become, for many, an institutional tool for assessment, for PDP, for actual skills competency testing and (worst of all) just a tool for content delivery.

Worse than this, those creating their institutionalised versions of e-Portfolios seemed to think that different e-Portfolios had to be created according to a multiplicity of audiences. I sumarise many of these concerns in a second paper: Who's Hijacking our e-Portfolios? (

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