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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yet Another Showcase


Yet another well-intentioned YouTube video describing a limited application of an ePortfolio.  When will people discover that the ePortfolio tool is for much more than a single purpose Showcase.  Where is the feedback or Likert Scales?  Where is the sharing or collaboration between a restricted audience?  Where is the facility to present different personas to different audiences? Can the novice html builder create a site which gives various levels of 'rights' to internal- or external verifiers?

I'm all for quality presentations BUT... we also need to recognise the full lifelong and lifewide aspects of an ePortfolio such as eFolio can provide.

As a teacher, perhaps my biggest concern is that Teacher Training Colleges are encouraging a level of technical expertise (or lack of it) that young or newly qualified teachers will assume is normative in Secondary or even Primary schools.

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