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Friday, 17 February 2012

Towards the Next Revolution in Teaching and Learning

to boldly go...
I have long maintained that so-called disruptive technologies are only that for the slothful teacher who is not willing to recognise that Teaching andd Learning strategies are changing.  For those educationists who DO recognise that we must move on in terms of teaching styles, that learners my benefit from a different combination of learning styles on two different days then and only then can we move on. 

The wise teacher will recognise that mobile devices, self-paced learning, collaborative pedagogies, cloud-based systems and intelligent PLEs are but tools to assist their dreams.  I argue that the ePortfolio is the central hub that can make all of the potential changes in Teaching and Learning become effective. - And, I would suggest, within the next few years.

The paper briefly identifies some 25 aspects of Teaching and Learning which, when mixed together will combine to form an explosive mixture that is nothing short of revolutionary:


@spaniel said...

Thanks for this article. Just one minor comment:
"Guttenberg" was the guy (former German defence minister) who plagiarized his entire doctoral thesis and went into the US for interim exile.
Johannes Gutenberg, the 15th century printer, may also have published the works of others, but other than Guttenberg he was honest about it.

Ray Tolley (aka Max) said...

Hi, Spaniel,

How embarrassing! And I presented a paper to my church last year on the life and works of Johannes Gutenberg. One helpful article can be seen at: