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Saturday, 7 January 2012

ePs for Engineering Students

A recent post by Ilona Buchem drew my attention to a review of the above erudite article which can be found here.  The 25-page .pdf is well worth reading.

The striking sentence of the review for me was near the end, "Participant comments such as “This {portfolio activity}allowed me to” or “this forced me to” suggest that the range of identity-related thinking prompted by the exercise was unprecedented or novel for many of these participants."

It remains a tragedy that students much earlier on in their school-days are still not being introduced to the ePortfolio concept and are not being encouraged to transition with their ePortfolio from one institution to the next.

It is very easy for even a 5-year old to discover that the ePortfolio IS their digital identity. They can proudly say, "This is ME!" and share and discuss their efforts etc.

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