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Saturday, 15 October 2011

eFolio and the top 10 Added Values

A sliding word puzzle for Added Values
I was recently asked, "What is the Added Value of your eFolio system?"  -  and that got me thinking.  It's not so much the saving of money, but that IS a major advantage, it is all the other extras that go to make up an effective product that does not need the "Oh, by the way, this will also cost you..."  The picture of the sliding block puzzle says it all.  There are many different issues to setting up an ePortfolio system and all of these need to be slid into place from an otherwise incoherent jumble of bits.
So here is my list of the top 10 Added Values of eFolio:

  1. Pride of ownership of a unique ePortfolio
  2. Institutional identity through bespoke banner
  3. True low-cost Lifelong and Lifewide ownership
  4. No problems of conventional portability
  5. Ease of access by readers/assessors through clear menus
  6. Ability to switch on/off a range of feedback tools on any page
  7. Ability to integrate other web-based tools/services
  8. Ability to create multiple views of "self"
  9. Ability to use selected artefacts for alternative personas
  10. 10 years experience of eFolio providing 24/7/365 educational support

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