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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Personalised Learning Plans

Photograph: Classmates at Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick, N.J., working with their personalized learning plans. The report in the New York Times reminded me of one of the key principles of getting started with an e-Portfolio in the classroom, KISS (Keep it Short and Simple). The article is well worth reading in its entirety. Obviously an exciting venture for New Jersey Middle Schools. Educators around the world will be interested to follow their progress.

John Pallister had been doing just this for several years before he retired with his focus on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. Several other eFolio pilots have similarly started by focussing on a few headings.

One very exciting pilot study in the Orkneys was based primarily on just the four components of their 'Curriculum for Excellence':

The initial headings were restricted to:

My Timetable
Effective Contributor
Successful Learner
Confident Individual
Responsible Citizen
About Me

From this initial setup the children could focus primarily on working to the four main assessment criteria. In their own time they were then encouraged to complete a less-formal description of themselves, their interests and ambitions. Later on it is anticipated that the students will then expand their eFolios to cover more subjects areas of their own choices.

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