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Friday, 22 January 2010

The end of the BB e-Portfolio?

Graphic: from Mr Woo's blogA recent post from Mr Woo identified one of the weaknesses of how many young learners see the e-Portfolio. But perhaps, as other Blackboard users have commented about their difficulties in using BB in a liberated teaching & learning environment, I should not be surprised.

I immediately thought of several previous posts I had written on the subject of the storage of artefacts. (see 'Ethics or common sense?' and 'Moving House?') I would not wish to say outright, "I told you so!" but I fear that in far too many cases the designers of so-called e-Portfolio systems are not thinking through the implications of their work, nor are course designers spelling out the practicalities of their strategies.

1 comment:

Mr. Woo said...

I affirm the observation that you made regarding the lack of prescience in the design of eportfolio systems. Indeed, Blackboard's systems, it seems, were designed by a handful of engineers who, without managers possessing common sense, created a platform replete with crippling flaws, the least of which, I believe, is, in fact, the problem with limited storage!