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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Surveys are a Whiz!

Graphic: The surveygizmo logoI tend not to promote individual products (well, apart from eFolio) and I also feel that the unexpected advertising of random products does not enhance the image of my sites. However, I was recently asked about Survey Tools and felt that I must respond.

eFolio has several very useful tools for feedback, polls and surveys, which do very well for students of all ages. However, for those not using eFolio, but possibly other blogging tools for instance, I must recommend 'surveygizmo' as my personal preferred choice.

Surveygizmo is a lite, fast-acting on-line tool which should be used by all sections of education including classroom activities, staff 'opinionaires', communications with governors, parents and employers etc. In this era of virtual collaboration surveygizmo is the perfect tool for provoking responses and leading the respondees on to follow with interest the responses of others.

As an on-line tool it is excellent. The basic version is free and has a full range of tools for the on-line graphic feedback of the real-time analysis of results etc. It is also very intelligent so that, for instance if you identified yourself as a child it can skip more adult questions. But for those who want more performance or commercial usage there are several upgrades that you can go for if you like the product. (Go on, try it, you'll get hooked the same as I did!)

Click the link below for more information:
Online Survey Tool

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