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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Participation culture, creativity, and social change

In David Gauntlett's inaugural lecture, 'Participation culture, creativity, and social change', (from 12 November 2008 - Just less than 10 mins) he does not actually mention e-Portfolios. However, at a breathtaking pace he covers much of the ground that e-Portfolios can or should address. A very challenging video!

Through his understanding of media and communication skills he underlines the importance of understanding audiences, the need for communication skills and an understanding of a 'making and doing culture'. 'Happiness is about having a rewarding engagement with the world'. Or, quoting Ivan Illich, 'People should be able to shape their own world and not have it set for them by others.' And again, Richard Sennett's book, 'The Craftsman' deals with the important issue of 'self esteem'. Surely, this is very much what e-Portfolios are about?

He then goes on to talk about tools for thinking and everyday creativity on line. Again, almost every sentence has echoes of e-Portfolios. This is one of the very few videos that I have repeatedly gone back to time and time again.

Another of his videos worth watching is the results of his research in 'Representing Identities'.

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David Gauntlett said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks for writing this post about my work. The connection with e-Portfolios is not something I'd really considered, but I am always glad when people can make fruitful links between one thing and another!

Best wishes,

David Gauntlett