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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Language Teaching?

I have a background in Speech and Language Development, having taught profoundly deaf children for almost 9 years. About 10 years ago I was also involved in helping the staff in our ESN department establish 'Video Diaries' as a means of recording pupil progress. - It also had the added bonus of showing parents how teacher support could be emulated at home. This all came as a bit of a flashback to me as I read the blog as described below.

The short but fascinating blogpost by Daniel Craig caught my attention not so much for the clip 'Medieval Helpdesk', profound as it is, so much as the theme of his blog, 'Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for Korea and beyond'. My response was as follows:

Yes, how I agree that the technology, whatever it is, needs time, patience, and an understanding of where the student is coming from. I am very interested in your 'CALL'. I would venture to suggest that the e-Portfolio is an excellent way of documenting one's progress in language learning. What do you think?

Portfolios can be made to be user-friendly for any age or ability, from '5-95', ie Lifelong and Lifewide. Being able to combine written text with MP3/4 files means that students can review and reflect upon their progress and even invite peer assessments or (I've never thought of this before!) MP3 corrected formative recordings - however short from a teacher back to the individual learner!

It seems to me that the e-Portfolio, having the facility to be a very private 'corner' of one's learning, is the very place to submit examples of the spoken work as a recording of progress and also as a means of the teacher providing examples of correct pronunciation etc.

Plenty of room for expansion of ideas for the e-Portfolio?

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