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Monday, 1 December 2008

Is altruism dead?

Ah, another hectic week has flown by. My company ran a stand at the SSAT conference in Birmingham all last week - a massive conference by UK standards with some 1800 delegates, outstanding speakers and excellent workshops throughout!

Sorry about the difficult lighting but you can see our eFolio logo amongst the other sponsors like Toshiba and Rolls Royce!

We had some very good enquiries from a number of visitors to the stand. It looks likely that we shall have a number of 'start-ups' in the new year, mainly with partnerships of schools interested in the 'transition' benefits of an e-Portfolio system; ie between Primary and Secondary schools and between Secondary schools and 6th-fm colleges, FE, HE or employment.

However, one amusing if also quite sad comment came from a few teachers mainly, I suspect, from over-worked Secondary school staff. When I asked them how they felt about transition between schools and the benefits of students accessing their portfolio in their new establishment the comment was along the lines of, "Once they've left our school I don't care what happens to them!"

Well, yes, I can understand the hard-pressed feelings of teachers visiting a conference hoping to find solutions to the pressures that they are under. But, for me. this is the whole point.

An effective e-portfolio system should bring satisfaction or as MOSEP calls it 'More Self Esteem through my e-Portfolio'. Children who are proud of their achievements, who communicate well with parents and teachers illustrate the very solutions to the frustrations as implied in the above quote.

In terms of altruism, therefore, let's see more e-Portfolios, enabling better communication, enabling happier students and thus happier staff!

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